Custom synthesis

Apart from its own programme, Alfarma also performs custom synthesis of established, but not commercially available, as well as entirely new and potentially pharmacologically active compounds. This includes their precursors as well as their biologically active or inactive metabolites. Although Alfarma specializes in the field of psychotropic drugs, it also offers custom synthesis of wide range of biologically active compounds. These including their precursors and metabolites, that may in some cases constitute new compounds of potential interest in pharmacology, toxicology and forensic analysis. We also provide a deuterination of known and new compounds. The custom synthesis programme is principally aimed at providing compounds of high purity, including chirality, that can be used as analytical standards. Certificates for such compounds are provided on request.

Alfarma can also perform feasibility studies especially for complex multi-step synthesis of known and not yet described compounds. This involves literature search, optimisation of synthesis pathways and if required a validated scale up of the procedures needed for eventual manufacturing of the products desired.

Customers requiring a synthesis of a known or an entirely new compound are invited to submit the desired structural formula (chemical name or/and CAS number), degree of purity required and the amount needed.